It all started on Tuesday. Renhao watching How I met your mother as usual, and we were all just chilling in the animation room. Somehow the topic of slap bet was being brought up. (HIMYM ref) Soon, Baron and Renhao decided to have a slap bet of their own.
The slap bet : If Baron didn’t use vulgarities the next day, 1 slap for Baron
If Baron used vulgarities the next day, 1 slap for Renhao

Wednesday, the day of the slap bet. Baron held back for the whole day without using vulgarities, and just when everyone forgot about it, Baron brought it up, ‘ The day has ended! ONE SLAP FOR ME!’. As Renhao had already left, the slap was to occur the next day.

Thursday came. Renhao knew he was going to get slapped, but he didn’t know when.
Finally, the time came, after storytelling class. Everyone was gathered in the courtyard as Baron said it was time. Even some of our FSV friends were there to witness it. Many people were in the courtyard.
‘BAAAAM!!’ the sound of the impact echoed throughout the courtyard and into the toilets, it came down like a thunder strike.
I have never, NEVER, heard such a loud slap in my life. I did not expect Baron to slap Renhao that hard, I honestly thought it was just going to be a usual slap but NO! It was the most, amazing yet painful sounding slap ever.
I would never slap anyone that hard and would never want to be slapped that hard.
So there, highlight of Thursday compressed.

I have to say it was LEGEN- wait for it… -DARY! LEGENDARY!!


No dairy? -WEEK 4-

So, just today I was thinking about what my fourth entry would be about… Then came dinner time.
Back to a few weeks ago, father Ong decided not to get anymore milk and I was quite shocked. I asked why and he told me he read a book. I was stunned at what he was saying, he said ‘Not gonna get milk anymore’… But! WHAT!?! Then he proceeded on to saying that I should cut down on meat, have more grains and wholemeal, fruits and what not. I asked once more, what had caused this change. A book. A book was his answer. Changing to a Baron life of Veg? NO! NEVER! I live on meat and carbs! (sorry baron)
Tonight when he cooked dinner for sister and myself.
This concern was of course being raised again in the kitchen when I saw a carton of milk. It went a little something like that..
Me: ‘I thought you didn’t want to get milk?’
Father: ‘Who bought the milk?’
Sister: ‘Avery and I.’
Father: ‘Avery’s gonna get us all cancer. No more dairy products.
Father: ‘Better than dairy.’

Okay, I’m not saying its bad, it might be beneficial in someway or another. I’m just not ready to not eat dairy forever. 
Everyone else is eating normal stuff, I’m not lactose or anything but I’m restricted to vegetarian stuff like Baron(sorry baron)
Can’t do that! But I’ll try.. I guess?


So this entire week, I was home alone. My Dad went to Bangkok, and my sis stayed at the loft for some reason. This isn’t the first time its happened so I already knew the first thing that should be done — get company.
Tuesday was Vesak day so we had no school, i wasted my day.
Wednesday came by and I told my friends they should come over, they did.
The plan was to do our drawings, homework and what not as the next day we had BCR — no school.
11pm we took our laptops out, soon after we went for supper and BOOM! 4am, I had no idea.
Thursday aka BCR day was completely retarded. Lets just say close to nothing was completed. 
Just Terrible.. 

My CCA dilemma. -WEEK 2-

Hey again,

Into the third week of polytechnic life and I don’t think I’ll be coping quite well. Just a week back there was a CCA fiesta and I just had to go. Being madness me, I had to sign up for six CCA’s. I felt it was necessary.
I’m just going to talk about why i decided to join these CCA’s.

Water polo – I’ve been eyeing this sports ever since i left secondary school and it looks pretty damn cool. The people in water polo look like buff lords and they’re all super fit. I also love to swim and I swim a lot. Even though  I signed up for it, they haven’t emailed me and I’m pretty downed. It’s just something new i wanted to try though, so I guess that’s out.

Inline Skating – I walked passed the inline booth  and i knew i just had to try this shit out. I know how to skate and move around, but the CCA teaches us how to do fancy moves like slalom and slide that looks really impressive. I’ve already went for the first training, tiring and harder then expected.

Climbing  – I’ve done some climbing in secondary school and its pretty exerting. It is also another way for me to keep fit and i think its a great and unique sport.

Ultimate Frisbee – Been playing frisbee in my late secondary school life as there is a strong frisbee culture in my school ever since I could remember. My friends and I would always play, especially before O levels, we’d play matches and i really missed it. So i thought I’d give frisbee a try! I went for the first training today, lets just say my legs are dead now.

Song Composing Club – I was convinced by a senior of mine and since I had friends going along, I thought why not. Their genre of music is quite different from the mainstream pop. I could get used to it, its pretty damn AWESOME!! Also, I might be able to find a band around so many musically inclined people. I guess finding a band would allow me to improve a lot.

Voices – May not look like it but I do sing, and i really like to sing. Just not really comfortable singing in front of a crowd yet, that’s why Voices. My sister is also in Voices and I do see videos and covers which are really nice. Makes me want to find people to sing with as well, so Voices! Going for auditions tomorrow! YEAH!

So those are the six i signed up for, I’ve also got an interest in Canoe and Swimming which i wasn’t so sure of, but I would sure like to try that out too though! Madness me decides that without thinking about whether I’d be able to cope with homework and all which I am starting to have trouble with. Furthermore, Inline and Climbing clashes, Voices, Frisbee and Song composing would most probably clash as well. Sucks for me. In a dilemma. Need help. S.O.S

P.S still wanna try water polo badly.

But.. It just started! -WEEK 1-


So I’ve just started my polytechnic life, the ‘real’ first chapter of my life some would say. I’ve met many new people, weird and weirder and they’ve all been the most enjoyable company ever.
Last week was the week of my birthday, I soon came to realize that I shared the same birthday as 3 other dudes in FMS, which is AWESOME!! And of course celebrated our birthday together. I was surprised in the morning by my FBC(freshman bonding camp) mates with a cake, cards and stuff. Might I add the first cake I ever received from my friends. Also, most of us wore blue on that Tuesday as planned, except for a certain someone, a non-conformist (kill yourself).
My friends were planning to watch the horror movie ‘Oculus’ , being a loser who hated horror films, I told them i wasn’t going to go for this outing. Thursday, also labour day came and it they still wanted me to come along. Being the good friends they were, they told me they decided to watch a different movie like ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ or what not. That day would soon be known as my worst movie experience in my teenage years, or maybe my life.
Here’s how it went, the next timing for ‘Oculus’ was 1245, no transport, not watchable. I was glad.
‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ was sold out. I was worried.
‘Brick Mansions’ that Paul Walker movie with pakour i believe, someone didn’t want to watch it. I was even more worried.
All of a sudden some fool suggested ‘Alien Abduction’. I died inside. But i didn’t want to be a killjoy so i went along with it. Bad choice. Me, being motion sick, couldn’t stand first person films, that’s what it was, and to top it, scares and what not. I literally paid $13 to sleep in the movies. I believe my friend, Jazelle who also objected these sort of films paid $13 to text and scream. I came out with a bad headache. Thus, my worst movie experience.

I hope my friends would make better in the future.